Sam Boylett Contact
Phone number
Employment History
September 2018 - Ongoing

Netsells, York

Javascript Developer

VueJS, Node.JS, Jest, ReactJS, SASS, PHP, Laravel


  • Game style website where the user had to guess the location of a football in a picture
  • Image editing website for creating app screenshots
  • Jest unit testing, PHPUnit testing
September 2016 - September 2018

Piksel, York


Node.JS, ReactJS, Backbone, CSS, Cordova, Web, TV and Phone/Tablet app development


  • Streaming website and app, using Cordova to build for multiple devices (handheld and TV)
  • API driven admin management system for streaming content
  • AWS Lambda function used to login to API service while hiding client ID and secret
  • Using Jest for unit testing and Cucumber/Selenium acceptance testing
November 2015 - September 2016

Meritec, Skipton

Ruby on Rails developer

Git, Linux, Java app development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


  • RoR website for use with child protection services
  • Soft token authenticator Android app
2014-2015: Masters

Information Technology MSc

University of York

Attained: Distinction (75%)

2010-2013: Bachelors

Biomedical Sciences BSc

Durham University

Attained: Class II Division 2

2008-2010: A-levels
2006-2008: GCSEs
3 A*s, 3 As, 5 Bs, 1 C
Technologies Utilised
Ruby on Rails
10 months commercial experience and ongoing use in personal projects. Written full websites, REST and GraphQL based APIs
VueJS and NuxtJS
2 years commercial experience, used in personal projects
Used since 2005 in personal projects and during my masters, few months commercial experience
Used since 2005 in personal projects and 5 years commercial experience
Used extensively during my masters and used it for my dissertation
Used in personal projects, masters, and around 1 year commercial experience
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