Sam Boylett


Phone number

Employment History

September 2018 - Ongoing

Netsells, York

Javascript Developer

VueJS, Node.JS, Jest, ReactJS, SASS, PHP, Laravel


  • Game style website where the user had to guess the location of a football in a picture
  • Image editing website for creating app screenshots
  • Jest unit testing, PHPUnit testing
September 2016 - September 2018

Piksel, York


Node.JS, ReactJS, Backbone, CSS, Cordova, Web, TV and Phone/Tablet app development


  • Streaming website and app, using Cordova to build for multiple devices (handheld and TV)
  • API driven admin management system for streaming content
  • AWS Lambda function used to login to API service while hiding client ID and secret
  • Using Jest for unit testing and Cucumber/Selenium acceptance testing
November 2015 - September 2016

Meritec, Skipton

Ruby on Rails developer

Git, Linux, Java app development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


  • RoR website for use with child protection services
  • Soft token authenticator Android app


2014-2015: Masters

Information Technology MSc

University of York

Attained: Distinction (75%)

2010-2013: Bachelors

Biomedical Sciences BSc

Durham University

Attained: Class II Division 2

2008-2010: A-levels
2006-2008: GCSEs
3 A*s, 3 As, 5 Bs, 1 C

Technologies Utilised

Ruby on Rails
10 months commercial experience and ongoing use in personal projects. Written full websites, REST and GraphQL based APIs
VueJS and NuxtJS
2 years commercial experience, used in personal projects
Used since 2005 in personal projects and during my masters, few months commercial experience
Used since 2005 in personal projects and 5 years commercial experience
Used extensively during my masters and used it for my dissertation
Used in personal projects, masters, and around 1 year commercial experience

Career Choice

I initially aimed to be a doctor and tried to get a place a medical school. Even though I attained one of the highest Medical access test results I still failed to gain a place. I took Biomedical Sciences as a possible alternative way into medicine. However, Biomedicine is nothing like medicine and I quickly realised that it was not for me. I took the decision to follow my true love and hobby, programming, and have completed an MSc in Information Technology, gaining the highest of marks.


I began learning about software development in 2003 so I could program game servers as part of my hobby. In this time I learned to used mIRC, PAWN and Lua. I later learned to use PHP, MySQL and HTML and began developing websites. I have created my own advanced content management systems, as well as developing plugins for Joomla. I also learnt how to use JavaScript and Jquery. I created an interactive map so, through a website, you could see players locations in a game server.

During my time at school, college, and whilst doing my degree I was a lead developer for my mothers E-commerce business. I helped maintain the websites and programmed in PHP for them, creating PHP programmes which would help to increase the efficiency of the business by automating many aspects of the work that needed to be carried out.

My masters in IT enhanced my knowledge in many areas to a professional level, and also taught me further Java programming and multithreading which I used in my thesis. In my thesis, I implemented the graph cut segmentation algorithm in Java to colourise MRI images. I created a custom path finding and multithreading program to speed to up the algorithm so it could be used with 3D images. With each additional processing core, the algorithm can be ran exponentially faster.


I attained the gold level Duke of Edinburgh award which involved volunteering, a physical activity, a skill based activity and an expedition.

I am an extremly accomplished model plane and helicopter pilot having attained the highest qualifications. I am qualified to a level which allows me to fly in public model airshows for the British Model Flying Association and the Large Model Association. I have successfully flown 4.2m wingspan model planes and model jets capable of 100mph.